About Phase I

We are waiting for your applications in order to introduce you to investors and anchor customers that can carry you forward to the new world.


Focus Solutions

Shopping Malls

Office Spaces

Brick & Mortar Retail

Restaurants & Chain Businesses

Focus Fields and Technologies

  • Customer Experience

  • Sensors

  • Sterilization

  • AR / VR

  • Air Filtration

  • Social Distancing Management

  • Live Video / Livestream Shopping

  • E-commerce Enablement Tools

  • Price Optimization

  • AI Thermal Monitoring and Video Analytics

  • Digital Banking Experience

  • Fast Shopping



You can apply in two categories:  Startups and Scaleups
•    You should have an applicable (or near completion) MPV and not have established a company yet
You should have: 
•    Solution(s) that can be put in use for pilots in shopping malls and can also be scaled in the mid to long term 
•    Existing operation in Turkey 
•    An MVP 
•    Received less than 1m USD investment 
•    At least one full-time manager in Turkey
•    Customer and business validation (sales, pilot application, strategic partnership, etc.) or are ready to do so by the end of May



  • Selected Scaleups will be invited to follow an acceleration investment program with up to $100K financing.

  • The startups having a technology base will be referred to stakeholder TUBITAK 1512 BİGG operation organizations.

  • Akasya Mall and its retail, office, and foodcort spaces will be used for pilot and demo applications for selected startups and scaleups. 

  • You will get mentorship from experienced investors and business mentors.

  • Your investment readiness will be assessed, by 1:1 meetings with investment analysts and you will get a financial model design, unit economics analyses, growth, and access to finance support in line with financial metrics.

  • You will have an opportunity to reach a wide range audience through the PR channels of the program's sponsor and partners.










Our Sponsor and Partners

Advisory Board

  • Didem Altop  Co-founder at 2C Project House

  • Dr. İsmail Ari TTO and Entrepreneurship Director at Ozyegin University

  • Oğuzhan Aygören Assistant Professor at Boğaziçi University

  • Cem Baytok Managing Partner at idacapital

  • Tunç Berkman Partner at TBS Investment

  • Cem Boyner CEO at Boyner Holding

  • Yaşar Büyükçetin Chairman at Büyükçetin Group SL

  • Ahmet Cemal Dördüncü Akkök Holding Board Member and Chief Executive Officerİ

  • İhsan Gökşin Durusoy General Manager and Board Member at Akiş GYO and Akkök Holding Executive Board Member

  • Prof. Dr. Esra Erdal Research Group Leader, Stem Cell and Organoid Technologies at IBG Center at DEU

  • Didem Gordon Founder at Phaida Ventures

  • Ibrahim Ibrahim Managing Director at Portland Design

  • Hande Işlak Deputy Head of Turkey, Corporates at EBRD

  • Assist. Prof. Zeynep A. KoçeResearch Group Leader, Emerging Viral Diseases at IBG Center and Assistant Professor at DEU

  • Elif Koşok Venture Capital Funding Group Executive Board Coordinator / TUBİTAK / TEYDEB

  • Daniel Kranzler Senior Partner at Capria and Senior Advisor Wadhwani Foundation

  • Muhammed Özhan Managing Director at Turk Telekom Ventures and Turk Telekom Group

  • Şahin Tulga Managing Partner at Mentoro Platform

Program Timeline

May 11

Beginning of applications

May 23


May 25

Application deadline

May 11-26

Application evaluation and presentations of 1: 1 with analyst

May 29

Announcement of start-ups that qualify for demo day

June 1

Beginning of the demo day

June 1-30

Pilot practices and demonstrations

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